Our work is informed by the following people and sources:

Chrissy Philp.  Chrissy has written two books as well as a series of articles and a website.  Her books include One Way of Looking at Man, a book exploring enlightenment and what she describes as the black hole game of life. She is also the author of a series of books called The Golden City which map a framework she has discovered linking the brain with astrology, the I-Ching and modern physics.  She has website of her articles and wisdom -

Tim Gallwey.  Tim wrote a series of books about what he called the Inner Game.  He started in sport with books like The Inner Game of Tennis and the Inner Game of Golf before moving into business and authoring works such as the Inner Game of Work and The Inner Game of Stress.  He is in many ways the founding father of the modern approach to coaching in business.

Stephen Covey.  Stephen Covey's book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People has long been a bestseller and rightly so.  His model of Circles of Influence and Control and his win-win approach to negotiation are invaluable.

David Cooperrider.  Cooper Rider invented the concept of Appreciative Inquiry as a model for creating change in large organisations based on systems thinking.  This model of focusing on what provides energy and what is working, has been of great help in working with organisations to create change and provided a real antidote to many of the more traditional mechanistic and critical thinking approaches to change.

James Flaherty. Flaherty's model of relationships revolves around three key attributes of Mutual Trust, Mutual Respect and Freedom to Express.  The more we have worked with this model in teams and in individual relationships the more valuable we have found it.

Malcolm Gladwell.  Author of the Tipping Point and Blink, Gladwell is adept at bringing new thinking and insights to traditional business and organisations.  His work has been invaluable in our work on change within organisations and taking a more emergent or systems approach to it.

The New Scientist.  As avid readers of The New Scientist, much of our thinking and approach is informed by research on the brain and social sciences.

The I-Ching.  Most of at Heartshore Consulting have been students of the I-Ching for many years.  It's advice and insight has been at the heart of our approach and guided us in our lives and thinking as well as in our client work.

Carlos Castaneda - The Don Juan books.  Carlos Castaneda was initially an anthropology student at UCLA who met an Mexican Indian Brujo Don Juan as part of his anthropology field studies.  His relating of the journey of knowledge and understanding which Don Juan facilitated is unparalleled in its insight and wisdom.

Ram Dass (Richard Alpert).  Ram Dass was a Harvard Professor of Psychology before going to India to study under Maharaj-ji (Neem Karoli Baba).  Ram Dass's humour, wisdom and humanity are a true inspiration.  He created the Seva foundation to eradicate unnecessary blindness in poorer countries and has also worked with business's and humanitarian groups.

Liz Greene.  Liz is perhaps the most brilliant astrologer of her time and has written extensively as well as running the Centre for Psychological Astrology.  Her depth of insight into human psychology and astrology is quite remarkable and has informed much of our understanding about the challenges individuals face and how to get the best from their personalities as well as providing insight into understanding others.

Chogyam Trungpa.  Chogyam Trungpa was a Tibetan Bhuddist lama who moved to the west at a young age to study at Oxford University.  He subsequently founded the Shambala foundation and taught and wrote a series of books including Crazy Wisdom, The Heart of the Buddha and Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism.