At Heartshore our focus is on helping people adopt an emotionally intelligent approach to business and life. Throughout all the work that we do we are passionate about helping individuals become more aware of themselves, others and the context in which they operate so that they can take greater levels of responsibility for themselves and those they lead or influence. Our approach is based on seeing business and life as an interactive experience rich with meaning and purpose which is continually challenging us to learn, grow and perform. Our learning has helped us to understand the “black holes” that individuals and organisations fall into and how to convert these into insights that allow people to fulfil more of their potential.

We bring a depth of direct business experience, skills and tools to help facilitate change in individuals and organisations, including recent research into the brain and the heart, psychometric instruments and psychological tools and techniques. In individual coaching we work with two key concepts: awareness and responsibility. These concepts are fundamental to performance and intimately linked. Until we are aware of something we cannot possibly take responsibility for it. The greater our awareness of ourselves, others and the broader environment of the cultures we work in, the more choice we have over how to respond (literally response-ability). Thus our work at an individual level is focused on supporting and challenging individuals to become more aware of themselves and those they interact with thereby enabling them to choose more skilful approaches to managing their own and others interactions and performance.

Tim Galwey in his book The Inner Game of Work put forward a formula:

Performance = Potential – Interference

For Tim, the majority of interference is internal rather than external. Our own experience reflects this; in working with individuals we have found that it is our individual assumptions, fears, doubts and frustrations that tend to block ours and others full potential being realised in any situation. The reason for this is that it blocks our ability to build a full and accurate picture of our situation and that of others and therefore limits our approach and the options we see. Our experience has been that as we become more aware of our own approach and impact it lends insight to our understanding of others and allows us to formulate more effective ways to build relationships and influence people.

We take a very practical approach in our coaching, informed by a number of different schools of thought, and our focus is on working with the interest and energy of individuals themselves to support them in exploring and thinking through the challenges they face and arriving at their own solutions.